OMG, I haven’t applied for a job in years!

OMG, I haven’t applied for a job in years! Sound familiar? In the past, most people in the mining industry got their jobs from word of mouth, or the old ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ routine. Whilst this does still happen, these days you will still need a great resume as […]

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Deciding what is relevant in your mining resume

So, you may or may not have been working in the mining industry, but you are at the point of applying for a new job in the industry. What should you put in your resume, and sometimes more importantly, what should you leave out?

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Using your Transferable Skills to get into Mining

Have you got skills in small business, trades or other positions and want to get into the mining industry? It can be tricky to write a resume where you don’t have any direct experience within the job you’re applying for.

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Cover letter
The Importance of a Cover Letter and How to Improve Yours

There is nothing worse as a recruiter than receiving a resume from a candidate for a position coupled with a cover letter that either says nothing, is badly worded or formatted or that doesn’t add anything to the application. It’s a waste of time and effort for both the candidate and the recruiter. So, why are cover letters important?

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What Your Resume Really Says About You

In a previous job, my role was to recruit and select Administrative staff for a University project. After advertising the position and receiving hundreds of applications, I was looking for an easy way to whittle them down to tens, rather than hundreds.

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